Help / FAQ

The house icons on my map are in the wrong spots. How do I move them?

From the Map View, click on a property and select "Move Marker". Drag the marker to the correct location, then click "Confirm".

I manage a mid-rise/high-rise and the Map View is not helpful. What other options do I have?

You can toggle from "Map View" to "List View". You can also disable the "Map View" in your Settings under the Violation section.

I am trying to send a hearing letter, but I do not see the upcoming hearing date as an option. What should I do?

You first need to create the upcoming hearing date within "Hearing Management". Once you have created a specific hearing date, you will be able to reference that hearing information for any hearing letters moving forward.

How does "Email Override" work in the Letter Settings?

If you mark "Email Override" as "Yes" within a specific letter, if the resident’s distribution method is set to "Email"—an email will be sent to the resident instead of a paper letter—even if the "Mail Type" was a paper letter.

I see "Time to Comply" listed in the Letter Settings and the Type Settings. How does this work?

Some associations allow a specific amount of time to comply based on the letter/stage (e.g. - All initial violations [stage #1] must be brought to compliance within 30 days) while some associations determine the time to comply based on the sub-type of violation (e.g. – Trash Can violations must be brought into compliance immediately, but Lawn Mowing violations have 30 days). If your association determines time to comply based on letter/stage, use those settings. If your association determines time to comply based on sub-type, use those settings and remember to set the letter "Time to Comply" as "Defer to Sub-Type".

I want my letters to go straight to the print team. Is there a way I can bypass the Approval portion in the Queue?

Yes, in your Settings under the Queue section, you can disable "Letter Approval Required".

How do Group Actions work?

Group Actions allow you to bulk-escalate violations to the next step/stage. When you set up your association’s letter templates, you can reorder the letters in the appropriate order and you can mark specific letters as "Yes" to allow Group Escalation. If you mark yes for a particular letter template, that allows violations in the previous stage to be bulk-escalated to the selected stage. For example, imagine you have 3 stages in the violation process and you have enabled "Group Escalation" for the Stage 2 letter. Imagine you have 10 open violations in "Stage 1" of the violation process. You inspect the community and close 2 of those violations. For the remaining 8 open violations, you go into "Group Actions" and select those 8 violations in Stage 1. You can then choose to "Escalate Selection" which will automatically escalate those 8 violations to Stage 2 and generate the Stage 2 letter. Please note that Group Escalations cannot be enabled if the letter includes Hearing, Fine, Extension or Decision.